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Power Pregnancy: The Supermum’s Complete Health & Fitness Program

Discover How You Can Sail Through Pregnancy Looking & Feeling Your Very Best!

Feel Confident: Get the confidence that you need, to know that you are doing the best for your baby through expert information tailored specificially to you

LOVE Pregnancy: You’ll feel so much happier, healthier and perfectly positioned to create the magical pregnancy journey that you and your baby deserve

Be Motivated: You’ll be constantly motivated to eat healthily and exercise properly with meal plans and recipes, exercise plans and videos

Mumma-To-Be: Do you want to have the HEALTHIEST and HAPPIEST pregnancy possible?
Do you want to feel confident that you are doing your BEST for your baby & keeping her safe & well?
Are you looking for an expert to tell you EXACTLY how to do that?

Supremums health and fitness program

Most women embark on their pregnancy journey really not knowing what’s best for themselves or their babies.

They don’t really know what to eat or how to exercise to keep their growing babies, or themselves, healthy. They want guidance and support but can’t constantly ask their midwife or GP for help and don’t want to worry or bother their friends or spouse.

They want an expert at their finger-tips and a group of like-minded women around them who are going through the same things at the same time.  

This is how most of us feel! But it doesn’t have to be this way!

And if you can relate to feeling like this then THIS program is the solution for you.

Imagine how great it would be to wake up in the mornings feeling great, to eat the foods that will provide the best for your baby and for you, that prevent unhealthy cravings and give you lots of energy.

Imagine how amazing it would be to really enjoy this incredible time without worrying about all those less than ideal pregnancy side-effects and worries because you have an expert on tap and a group of new friends all going through the same things that you are, at the same time.

In this comprehensive pregnancy program you get:  

One individual coaching call per monthValued at £125

  • These calls will include personal training via skype with me so that I can lead and guide you through the exercises, ensuring you’re doing them safely and correctly whilst giving you motivation and encouragement as well as one-on-one coaching to give you that additional support and guidance that pregnant women invariably need

One personal meal plan per trimester Valued at £165

  • The exact nutrition that you need at each stage of your pregnancy, this will also be tailored to your individual eating likes and preferences so that you can rest assured that you will be eating delicious food that works for you, your lifestyle and your tastes

One exercise plan per trimester Valued at £95

  • Learn precisely what you need to be doing, and how to do it safely whilst preventing common pregnancy problems like diastasis recti and back pain with step-by-step exercise guides and instructional videos  

Library of videos – Valued at £99

  • Videos of exercises that are designed exactly for the pregnant body and the stage of pregnancy that you are in. These videos will match your exercise plan so that you know how to safely and accurately do each exercise

Email access to mePriceless!

  • Email me at any time and I will get back to you as soon as I can


Plus you’ll get some REALLY BIG BONUSES to support your learning and success…

Bonus 1: Access To An Online Community Of People On their Mummahood Journey – Priceless!

  • A place where, day or night, you can seek advice and support from other pregnant women

Bonus 2: A free copy of my pregnancy book Mummahood: The Expert Guide to a Fit, Healthy & Happy Pregnancy – Valued at £7.49

Bonus 3: Pregnancy Health and Fitness progress tracker – Valued at £19.99

  • A Tracker to help you to stay motivated and log how well you’re doing


And you’ll get all of this for just £97 per month. This program fulfills all your pregnancy needs and will ensure that you have the very best pregnancy possible.

Click the ADD TO CART  button below and fill in your details to get started on creating the healthiest and happiest pregnancy possible, right now.

£97.00 for 1 monthAdd to Cart

For just £97/ $136 per Month

“I knew exercise in pregnancy was important, but wasn’t sure what was safe. I also knew that there were certain things I couldn’t and shouldn’t eat. It all seemed very negative – you can’t do this you can’t do that…. But Bex and her programmes are the complete opposite. It’s all about what is possible, what’s great to do and how lovely pregnancy can be. Bex makes everything really simple and really fun and I can now happily say that I really did enjoy my pregnancy and that you can too!” 


“Bex is so fun and so knowledgeable and she helped to make my pregnancy one of the best times of my life. I also now love exercise, and cook all my food from scratch – I can’t actually believe I’m writing this, but it’s true!”


You don’t need to go through this alone..

Going through pregnancy alone can be very daunting, lonely and anxiety producing. In fact some recent research has found that 1 in 5 pregnant women experience mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Mental health issues are on a spectrum, all pregnant women will feel anxious at times – this is likely to be because they’re not supported adequately, they’re not communicating how they’re feeling and they’re not exercising or eating the right foods. All of these things are a formula for feeling down and feeling anxious.

It really doesn’t have to be this way. You can spend 9 months hibernating from life simply making your way through each day or you can decide to make a change and create the pregnancy that you’ve always wanted and that you deserve. Because pregnancy can, and should be fun, it can be joyous and it can be a magical time.

You deserve to have wonderful and happy memories of the time you’ve spent growing your little baby and this is what my coaching program is all about.

So click on the link below now to sign up and let’s really get started making this the pregnancy you’ve always hoped for.

£97.00 for 1 monthAdd to Cart

For just £97/ $136 per Month


Q. Why is the program so cheap? 

A. I want the program to be affordable to everyone! This information and help will transform you pregnancy, helping to make it an enjoyable, memorable and beautiful time – we all deserve to have that!

Q. What if I’m already well into my pregnancy, can I still sign up? 

A. Don’t worry – this coaching program is designed for the individual so will work for you at whatever stage of the pregnancy journey you are

Q. What if I have diastasis recti (splitting apart of the stomach muscles)? 

A. This program is for every pregnant woman and will be tailored to you with your medical conditions in mind. Be sure to tell Bex about any medical or physical conditions that you have so that she can factor this in to the exercise plans she designs for you.

Q. Can I not find all this information on the internet for free? 

A. You can find lots of information for free on the internet, but the issue is that not all of is correct, trust-worthy or written by an expert. With this program you will be getting expert information tailored to you and your unique needs throughout. What’s more, this program is about so much more than information. Here you get an expert to guide you through all the steps of pregnancy and a group of ready-made friends to support you and make your pregnancy journey really enjoyable!

Q. What if I’m already doing pregnancy exercise classes at my gym?

A. That’s great. Realising that you can do that is half the battle. However on my program you will get a personalised plan that is designed for you, your goals and the stage of pregnancy that you are in, rather than a generic class that is designed for all pregnant women.

Q. What if I have food allergies or intolerances? 

A. The meal plans are tailored to you so, as long as you mention these then the plans will be designed to avoid the foods you can’t eat.

Q. What if I don’t have any time to cook meals from scratch? 

A. If this sounds like you – remember the meal plans will be tailored to your needs so Bex will ensure that the recipes she gives you take no longer than cooking a ready meal in the oven. This is about accessibility, the recipes I’ll give you are ones that you will be able to cook, no matter your expertise in the kitchen. If you love cooking and want more complex dishes, this is also possible. Everything is customised to the individual.

£97.00 for 1 monthAdd to Cart

For just £97/ $136 per Month