What To Put in Your Hospital Bag? | Mummahood

A hospital bag is a must-have for every pregnant woman (even if you’re having a home birth it’s a good idea to have all the things you’ll need for birth in an easily-findable place).

And it can be really difficult to know what you’ll need to bring with you – particularly as it’s difficult to know how long you’ll be in.

If things go really smoothly then you could be out and on your way home 6 hours after you’ve birthed your baby. If not, you could be in for days or even weeks!

So here I’ve put together a comprehensive checklist of useful things to have with you in your bag, for both you and your newborn.

It’s never too early to get your bag packed and ready so, if you haven’t already, start the process. It will be one less thing to do and one less thing to worry about as your EDD gets closer.

With love

Bex xx



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