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Exercise throughout pregnancy is incredibly important, for both you and your baby.

Exercise in pregnancy has been found to reduce a number of pregnancy side-effects including the likelihood of birth complications, hypertension and depression as well as aiding placental growth, and fetal growth,

Research has also shown that the rate of miscarriage is actually lower in runners and aerobic dancers than in non- exercisers (Baker, 2006).

One study found that those who exercised during pregnancy had a 40% lower risk of miscarriage than those who were sedentary (Latka and Kline, 1999).

And, as if you needed any more persuasion…the birth weights of children born to women who regularly exercise are usually slightly less (300-350g) because the babies have lower levels of body fat. Making delivery easier!

But how exactly should we be exercising in pregnancy to ensure that we are keeping our babies and ourselves safe and healthy.

I answer this questions in this short video along with a comprehensive list of pregnancy exercise do’s and don’ts – outlining the specifics of what you should be doing and what you need to avoid, to ensure that you and your baby are staying safe and that you are preparing your body, as well as you can, for pregnancy, labour and post-natal recovery.

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