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Ava is utterly obsessed with these super quick, healthy and tasty cold treats. Absolutely perfect for the summer months (and for teething!) and when all the other kids are eating sugar-laden ice-creams these are a brilliant way to ensure your little one doesn’t feel left out. They’re also great for adults too and we often join Ava in some post-dinner ‘ish-lowwweeeeee’.


2 Cups raspberries / frozen raspberries

1 Cup Greek Yoghurt (unsweetened)

2 Tablespoons honey


1.Place all the ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth
2.Spoon the mixture into ice lolly containers
3.Freeze for at least 3 hours

That really is it – this recipe should make about 6 small lollies – so feel free to double or triple the recipe.

healthy ice lolly recipe

With love

Bex xx

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