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Post Natal Personal Training

“3 months after having my second baby, Josh, I started to have twice weekly sessions with Bex. Having always been fit and healthy and sporty, I wanted to get back into shape and Bex was amazing in helping me to do this. It can be really hard to find time to workout with small children but Bex was really helpful in letting me bring Josh to our sessions and giving me advice on how to do some quick workouts at home.
Bex gave brilliant nutritional advice and tips and was really motivational during our workout sessions. She accommodated any issues or injuries I had and adjusted exercises as necessary so that I still felt I was achieving something in every session. Bex is really encouraging and supportive and while I felt she really pushed me to work hard in every session, she made it really fun and tailored our sessions to the type of workout I enjoy doing.
I would highly recommend Bex as a personal trainer. Whether you’ve had kids and want to get back into shape or whether you want to lose weight or increase your fitness level, she’s knowledgable, supportive and fun and she sets realistic goals for you with regards to both fitness and nutrition. She will make you give up orange squash though. Be warned.”

Susie Griffiths, mum of 2

  • Are you struggling to lose the baby weight?
  • Do you need some help and motivation to get back into shape?
  • Do you want to feel energetic and able to keep up with your kids?
  • Do you want to feel confident about your body and lose that mummy tummy once and for all?
  • Do you want to work with a personal trainer who is qualified to work with women who’ve had one, or multiple babies and knows exactly what exercises to do, and not to, to be sensitive to the strain and damage that has been done with pregnancy and childbirth?
  • Do you just want to feel like you again?

Well, if you’re like most mums then resounding answer to all these questions is YES!!

So, let me help you. I’m a highly qualified and experienced personal trainer and I love working with women and helping them to get back into shape post baby.

I know how difficult it is to find the time (and motivation) to go to the gym or workout at home when you have kids and a million other things to do – so that’s where I come in! I design each session for the specific body type, goals and ability of each client and, as a nutritionist, can help you with what you should be eating to fuel your weight loss and increase your energy levels. What’s more I make it really easy because all kids are welcome to our sessions.

We can train at your home, at my home gym or in a local park – so no need to pay for childcare or ask friends for favours!

So if you want to feel more energised, slip back into those pre-pregnancy clothes, and start to feel like your confident best again then get in touch?


£55/Session when you book a series of 10

£60/Session when you book a series of 5

£65/Session for a one off


”When I was looking to start up my fitness again, after having baby number 2, I contacted Rebecca specifically for her experience in post-natal exercise and recovery. We worked together twice a week, focussing on my core and improving my strength and flexibility. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and was reassured Rebecca was always thinking about working on my Diastasis recti and pelvic floor strength – both of which were a big concern for me. I saw a noticeable difference in both, as well as my body shape, within the first 10 sessions. An added bonus was that I could exercise in a safe environment, with my baby alongside me, which meant I was more motivated to continue my post-natal recovery journey.”

– Kylie Townsend, mum of 2

“After my pregnancy, I found it difficult to find any clear guidance on how to begin safely exercising again, particularly after having a caesarian. I wanted to work out but didn’t want to cause myself further damage, and felt very weak. In my first session Bex assessed my physical condition and gave me some exercises to do at home to help with my mild diastasis. Over the course of the following weeks, I was amazed by how much I was able to achieve both in terms of strength and cardio training. I fully expected that my body would fall apart after one burpee! In fact, I now feel stronger and have lost weight. Amazingly, the numbness I felt around where I had the caesarian has completely gone and I feel like my body is more capable of coping with the physical challenges of looking after a baby. I really enjoyed the sessions and have a clear idea of what I need to do, both in terms of diet and exercise, to continue to work towards my goals.”

– Laura Sonnenburg, mum of 1

“I started training with Bex during the maternity leave and only in a few months I noticed visible results, ie lost weight, my legs and tummy shrank and felt great! I have been enjoying my sessions with Bex as she is kind but in the same time pushes the workout sufficiently to make it challenging. Exercises have been so varied that I cannot remember 2 similar sessions. Moreover Bex is able to advise on nutrition and her coconut bullets are amazing! I highly recommend her!”

– Ioana Gonciari, mum of 2