What Should I know for Flying and Travel Whilst Pregnant? | Mummahood

Flying in pregnancy is generally completely safe for you and your baby. Research has shown that the mothers’ respiratory system and heart rates, oxygen, blood pressure, uterine activity, and fetal beat-to-beat heart rate all remain normal whilst in the air.

There may be a slight increase in the risk of blood clots if you are on a long-haul flight (flying for more than five hours) – however this may not be increased by pregnancy.

You are more likely to get swollen feet and ankles and wearing compression stockings can help with this.

If you are planning on flying after 28 weeks you will need to get a note from your doctor saying that you are safe to fly, as many airlines will require this before they let you board the plane.

Get this letter well in advance (mine was a last minute panic) as it can take a week or so for the doctor to get around to it. They will also charge you around £40 for the service.

It is generally recommended that you don’t fly after 36 weeks – because you really don’t want to go into labour on the plane!

If you are planning on taking a trip whilst pregnant discuss it with your midwife or GP, to confirm that you are safe to travel and then enjoy yourself!




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