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NCT stands for National Childbirth Trust and they are the UK’s largest charity for parents.

NCT offers parents-to-be antenatal classes to help them to find out answers to all their questions around labour, birth and nurturing a new-born.

Even though they are a charity these courses do cost money – but, in my opinion, they are worth every penny. And this is because the courses introduce you to, and connect you with, a group of other parents-to-be who live in your area. And, believe me, this is worth it’s weight in gold!

If you’ve ever looked after a baby, or read any baby books, you’ll probably know how to put on a nappy, the options available for pain relief and much of the other information given to you in the classes. But what the course offers is some ready made local friends who are all going to be having a baby, at a similar time to you.

This means – late night support when the baby is screaming its head off with colic, tea and biscuits when you’re desperately in need of some adult company, and friends who know exactly what you’re going through as you go through it.

I still try and meet up with my NCT friends once a week and we still have our What’s App group: The Wide Awake Club – which we connect on, seek support and advice from, often.

So, although the content of the courses may not be that useful, it does cost and the thought of spending many hours of your Saturday and a few week-day evenings in a stuffy room with a bunch of strangers, may well put you off attending, the pros, in my opinion – the friends you’ll make, and the peace of mind you’ll get being able to ask all the questions you have, to an expert, really do out-weigh any cons there many be.

How Long is The Ante-Natal Course?

The ante-natal course seems to vary in length from area to area but will last at least 6 hours.

How Much is The Ante-Natal Course?

Again this seems to depend on your area – I assume in more affluent areas they charge more. According to the website the price varies from £10.80 / hour to £18.10 / hour (although we paid £276 for our course in Greenwich…)

How Many Other Couples Will Be on The Course?

There will be no more than 8 couples per course.

Click here for more information on NCT and to book a course.

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