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If you’re like most pregnant women, you’re a little worried about how much you should be eating and how much weight is normal and healthy to put on.

With both my pregnancies I put on 20kgs of weight. As someone who had always been in total control of my body – this was a little daunting and scary.

Was I putting on too much weight?
Am I eating too much?
Is all this weight going to harm my baby / make him or her too big?
Will I get gestational diabetes?
Should I be eating for two or is that just an old wives tale?

Well today I want to answer all these questions and more in order to take the worry and stress out of what is most probably your body’s own, individual way, of growing your baby.

Because everybody is different and every body is different. We all respond in our own unique way to the influx of pregnancy hormones we experience but that doesn’t mean eating 3 pints of Haagen Das every day is the best thing to do.

In this video I look at weight gain in pregnancy and talk about why we don’t need to add any additional calories to our diets until the second trimester.

Weight gain, particularly in the second trimester, is a completely normal, natural and important part of the pregnancy journey and it’s best to just focus on eating healthy foods to nourish ourselves and our babies, rather than worrying about calorie counting or putting on weight.

For lots of healthy recipes designed specifically for your pregnancy needs pick up a copy of my book, or check out the recipes I’ve put on the website.

Thanks so much for watching.

With love

Bex xx

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