GP Elise Dallas Answers All Your Questions About Pregnancy | Mummahood

Pregnancy can be a scary time! We can feel completely out of control of our bodies and constantly worried that what we’re doing, or not doing, is hurting our babies.

Consequently we have thousands of questions that we desperately want to know the answer to and will often turn to the internet for. So in this interview we take all the most asked questions to GP Elise Dallas so that you can get expert, factual, rational and honest answers to all your questions.

We cover everything from ‘What is Gestational Diabetes?’ to ‘How can I stop varicose veins in pregnancy?’ so click the link below to see the entire interview.

To watch Elise’s interview on newborn babies please click here.

Thanks so much for watching and if you have any questions about pregnancy that Elise doesn’t cover then please do email her on

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