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Mumma Recommendations

All the products and services listed here have been recommended by our Mummahood Mummas. If you’re looking for a recommendation for something that you can’t find here, please do email us on and we’ll get the mummas on the case and get back to you as soon as we can!



Baby Bath
Stokke – these are must to help support babies who are not able to sit up on their own yet

Bath Bubbles
The Earth Friendly Range – is gentle and kind to the skin. It smells delicious and can be used as the bath bubbles, body wash and shampoo
Burts Bees – another soft and gentle baby shampoo and wash with a delicious smell and no-tear formula

Bath Toys
Jojo Maman Bebe – bath toys are a must to help make bathtime fun. These are bright, small to store and squirt water!

Jojo Maman Bebe – these dribble bibs are really sweet and come in a variety of patterns and colours
Tommee Tippee – these plastic, catch all bibs are really good for catching all that spat out, missed the mouth food and can be rolled up to put in the baby bag for meals out too.

Cherish the First 6 Weeks by Helen Moon
The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips, and Advice for Dads-to-Be by Armin Brott
The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp
The Sh!t No One Tells You by Dawn Dais
Parenting Beyond Pink & Blue: How to Raise Your Kids Free of Gender Stereotypes by Christine Spears Brown

Dr Browns – particularly if your baby suffers from wind
Minbie – for babies who are fussy and don’t want anything other than the breast, the teet mimics the nipple

Breastfeeding Bras
Jojo Maman Bebe – these bras give some support and a bit of lift without rubbing the nipples too much

Breast Pads for Leaky Boobs
Boots Maternity Extra Absorbant Breast Pads – these are really soft and they have a sticky strip to help them stick to the bra

Breast Pads
Boots Ultra Slim Disposable Breast Pads – these are really good – especially in the early days when your nipples are really sore, they are very soft and have extra nipple-room!

Breast Pump
Ardo – Ardo hire out hospital grade breast pumps which are excellent. Pain free and very efficient, if you’re pumping to freeze, these pumps are unbeatable.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer  – great quality, with 2 different height settings, babies are really comfy in this bouncer and it has removable covers making washing it easy. More expensive than many of the others but our Mummas reported cheaper versions breaking or being unstable and often then ended up buying this one as well.

Jojo Maman Bebe – Bumpers have a mixed reputation so, if you’re worried about using one then try one of these breathable mesh options which stop arms and legs from getting stuck in between the bars when your baby moves into a crib or cot
Mamas and Papas – These cot bar bumpers look and feel gorgeous and are perfect to protect little heads from hard cot bars

Ebay – If you’re wanting a cheap, easy to change / remove way to babyify your nursery some fabric bunting is a brilliant idea. Ebay have lots of lovely options. I’ve used a company called Three Little Pigs who were brilliant because they will make bunting especially for your colour schemes and size of room and can even create matching canvases and pillows. Contact them directly to chat about your options ( or go via ebay on the link provided.


Sainsbury’s – great for cheap basics like sleep suits and leggings
Next – Excellent from 3 months for well priced and useful clothes

Newborn Clothes
Gap does a good range – and they do 40% off events through the year

Infacol – The Mummas have had varying degrees of success with this – some of the babies hated it and got upset that they were having to consume this rather than milk so they got in a total state and made it worse!
Gripe Water – Again some success was found with Gripe Water – it seems to depend upon the baby
Baby Massage – see Ruth’s tips for helping babies with colic

Saline Drops – using the pipette pump some saline up each nostril before every feed and whenever the baby seems particularly bunged up. This is by far the best thing you can do for baby when she has a cold
Vicks – apply Baby Vicks to the upper chest and back of the baby to help keep those airways clear

Jojo Maman Bebe – offer a wide variety of lovely comforters. Sleep with the comforter for a few nights so that it smells of you and then put it in the crib / moses basket with your baby to help her sleep

Lanacane – this anti-chaffing gel is a must-have if you’re experiencing excruciating pregnancy chaffing. Many of us mummas were pregnant during the hot summer months and this was literally the only gel or cream that worked.

Changing Bag
Jojo Maman Bebe – this handy kit saves you having to lug around a huge changing bag
Storksak – has a handy inner back as well as a cooling side pocket to stand bottles of milk in

Cradle Cap
Coconut Oil – spread onto the head and then comb through, this will gently lift the flaking skin and moisturise at the same time
Breast milk – express some milk and apply it to the scalp


Free Weights – perfect for all that at-home exercising I know you’re doing!

Avent Soothies – this dummy is given out for free in the US as it’s thought to not damage the gums and growing teeth


Ear Wax
Pipette a drop of olive oil into each ear – this helps to get rid of the ear wax

Engorged Boobs
Avent Breast Gels – you can use them warm or cold. They can also be used before expressing, as using them warm helps to stimulate let-down


Ella’s Kitchen – organic, healthy and surprisingly tasty. Ella’s kitchen is the go-to for easy weaning

John Lewis – footmuffs are great for keeping baby snuggly and warm in the winter months and help protect the push-chair base from crumbs and dirt. Your travel system / pram manufacturer will have their own version, but if you want something cheap and cheerful, John Lewis do a good range of own-brand ones from £10



High Chair
Stokke – these high chairs support baby well, have an adjustable foot rest so is useable for children of all ages and can fit under a table so the baby feels like they’re eating with you




Post Labour Knickers
Jojo Maman Bebe – Not the most attractive pants but they are very comfy and not too tight, both very important for a sore body!



Coconut Oil – delicious smelling and devoid of chemicals, organic extra virgin coconut oil is the perfect moisturizer for baby skin

Classic FM Babies Album – Great to play to the baby in utero as well as to use as a signal that bed time is coming!


Nappy Bin
Angelcare Disposable Nappy Bin  – these bins are cheap and great for keeping the smell of nappies contained. They’re also slightly better for the environment and cheap to run as the nappies all go into the same plastic bag until the bin is full, rather than each nappy being wrapped individually

Nappy Rash
Bepanthen – this works well for nappy rash
Sudocrem – for a sore and pink bottom sudocreme works brilliantly

Newborn Nappies
Sainsbury’s New Born Size 1 – for small or preemie babies
Pampers New Born Nappies – for babies of 4+ pounds

Aldi – as the babies get older nappies can need to contain what we’ve affectionately termed ‘poonamies’ and these nappies are the best that we’ve found after extensive research!



Aurelija Sapkiene – Aurelija did all the pregnancy photos in the book and one this site and an amazing newborn shoot with Joe, Ava and I. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is lovely and incredibly talented. Her website is and her email is

Pram Suit
John Lewis – If you’ve had a baby in the winter a pram suit is excellent to keep them warm and dry. A must if you plan on using the sling.

Protein Powders
Purition Whole Food Protein Powders – these protein powders are full of a natural goodness that is both good for you and your baby



Resistance Bands
Mini Bands – perfect for at-home and holiday workouts
Resistance Bands with Handles – provide a really good workout particularly for the upper body



Burts Bees – a lovely smelling and natural shampoo and body wash, perfect for pure, new skin

Bed Extender – this cot attaches to the side of your bed so makes the baby feel like they’re sleeping beside you, although they’re actually in their own bed. This makes those constant night feeds a little bit easier! The bed extender works well with both the Cocoonababy and the Sleepyhead
Cocoonababy – If your baby won’t sleep anywhere but on you, try a cocoonababy
Sleepyhead – Another great option for if baby won’t sleep in the moses basket, the sleepyhead makes them feel safe and secure.  There is also a larger version for when your baby gets bigger.
White Noise – Sound Sleeper is a great free app that offers a variety of white noises to help your baby sleep. A white noise, like womb sounds for newborns or a fan sound for older babies is a brilliant signal to the baby that it’s sleep time and a great way to help send them off to sleep and it masks other noises going on around them that may keep them awake.

Sleep Sacks
TK Maxx often stock Mamas and Pappas sleep sacks for a fraction of the price
The Little White Company – for a luxury, thick sleep sack for those cold winter nights

Newborn Sling – Close Caboo is really comfy across the back and the baby is really snug.
Older Baby Sling –  the Baby Bjorns are excellent, particularly those which have a back support. From about 5 months the weight of the baby can definitely take it’s toll on the back so getting some extra support really does help!

Organix Goodies – This brand offers a range of organic, no added salt, no added sugar snack options

Baby Gap – socks never stay on but we’ve found that the Baby Gap ones have the best staying power

Sore Nipples
Lasinoh Cream – a MUST if you’re breast-feeding. Put it on whenever you need. I put it on before and after feeding for the first 6 weeks (Bex)

Milton Sterilising Tablets – follow the instructions on the packet to safely sterilise your baby’s bottles / dummies
Alternatively save yourself from Milton tablets and buy a microwave steriliser. Have a look under the the brand of bottles that you’ve chosen to see whether they do their own version, although I’m sure any would do!
Click here for the Tommee Tippee one

Stretch Marks
Mama Mio Tummy Rub – smells delicious and works brilliantly to prevent stretch marks

Baby Banz – these sunglasses have a UV 400 protection, ideal for brand new, very sensitive eyes and have a strap around the head, helping to keep them on


Folate – Solgar Folate 800 mcg

Omega 3 – MorEPA Prenatal

Pre-natal Multi Vitamin – NewChaper Perfect Prenatal Multivitamin

Vitamin D3 – Innopure Vitamin D3 Optimum Strength, 5,000 IU

Aden & Anais – these large, pretty muslins work brilliantly to swaddle baby in the first 4 weeks

Swiss Ball
Anti-Burst Exercise Ball – also called a birthing ball and brilliant for working that core in pregnancy


Tabata Timer
Seconds Pro – free app from the App Store to use with Tabatha and HIIT training

Detinox Teething Gel – safe to use from birth if necessary

Boots Smile  – we shouldn’t use adult toothpaste on baby teeth as there’s too much fluoride, so buy age appropriate toothpaste for them. Boots offer some good options




Water Wipes – 99% water and devoid of the chemicals and nasties that many of the other baby wipes contain. They’re also really wet so brilliant for actually getting dirt off. Bulk buy these from amazon (link provided) for the best value