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Post Natal Exercise


Post Natal Legs & Bum Workout

In this no-equipment needed 15 minute legs and bum workout I’m using Ava as my weight. Set to the backdrop of our one of our favourite places in the world (Morocco) this workout is so easy and yet so effective. Even if you don’t have a full 15 just do 1 set or even 2. Doing something is always better than doing nothing! I hope you enjoy the workout and thanks so much for watching With love Bex xx

15 Min Post Natal Cable Machine Upper Body Workout

In this video I’m in a gym in Dubai and showing you 5 great upper body exercises you can do on the cable pulley machine. Ava is asleep in the background but I manage to show you the first set of all the exercises before she wakes up! Women are always asking me what to do on the cable pulley machine and these are 5 of my favourites. Do 8 reps of each exercise and then go back and do them all another 2 times. Each…