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Post Natal Breastfeeding


Lactation Consultant Sarah Das Answers All Your Breastfeeding Questions

Do you have lots of questions about breast-feeding? I know that I definitely did. So, in this interview with Sarah – our lactation consultant, we go through all those commonly asked questions – and all those questions we want to ask but never seem to manage to about the mine-field that is breast feeding! From From ‘How can I avoid nipple pain when breast feeding?’ to ‘What can I do if my baby isn’t gaining enough weight?’ – Sarah answers these questions and gives her advice honestly, opening…

How Can I Ensure A Good Latch When Breastfeeding?

by Sarah Das In order to ensure a good latch when feeding your baby, it`s helpful to start with the basic obvious question – What does a good latch look and feel like? Latching refers to how the baby attaches onto your nipple and areola, the areola is the area around the nipple. This may sound obvious but once this basic skill is mastered by mum and baby other aspects of breastfeeding should fall into place. For a latch to be effective the bottom of your…

How can I avoid breast and nipple pain?

By Sarah Das There are a number of reasons why your breasts and / or nipples can become uncomfortable whilst you are feeding. The most common complaint of new mums is sore nipples. Sore nipples cause a great deal of anxiety for mothers, but once resolved feeding is usually plain sailing. So let’s talk about why women get sore nipples in the first place? The most common reasons are: Poor latching Nipples that do not stick out Baby may have a poor sucking technique Infection of…